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Bio Science Lab Equipment

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  1. Biosafety Cabinet Type-3 Covid (19)

    work table top: - SS-304, PVC /Matt grit/ Sattin finish, 22 GAUGE. Single piece without Any internal joint or welding with below spillage collection zone. The work table can be removed for cleaning of the spillage. Front & rear air grille at the working chamber.12. Front door – Sash is sealed and fixed with glove and ports for access to the work zone and enhanced user safety. Ergonomic and comfortable sloped front window for comfortable head and elbow rest position, thus reducing fatigue. UV – protected to protect customer from UV Exposure – complete transparent along with base structure to hold the cabinet & ease of access.
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  2. Reverse Laminar Air Flow

    1. Material of Construction: -Outer Body- CRCA Sheet epoxy Powder coated antibacterial &Antirust effect, 22 gauge/ OR Stainless Steel- 304 PVC /Matt grit/ Sattin finish, 22 GAUGE.Inner Body SS-304, PVC /Matt grit/Sattin finish, 22 GAUGE.2. Air flow type& Velocity: -Recirculating type air flow 3. Air Flow Velocity :- 90 FPM ±20%, Inflow Velocity: 0.53 m/s,Down flow Velocity: 0.33 m/s 4. At the base of the rear wall there is Prefilter to capture the airborne generated contaminants.Intake velocity at pre-filters increases to offer scavenging effect.5. Statically balanced motor blower Assembly (Heavy Duty),1440 rpm, ¼ hp. Noise of the blower is less than 55 dBA& Very low vibration 6. Filtration Assembly: - 3 stage filtration system with HEPA Filtered Exhaust mechanism. When the Booths is operating under normal conditions air is pulled through the main working chamber to exhaust grills, normally situated in the rear of the Booths, suppressing air-borne dust away from the operators breathing zone.Room air is drawn from the bottom of the cabinet through a Pre- Filter,then the air pass through a Fine Filter &HEPA Filter& Filtered air supplied from top to the working area providing aconstant a stream of clean air flow within the work
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  3. Vertical Autoclave

    Vertical Autoclave is widely used for the day to day sterilization procedures and in various laboratory applications. It is required for wet heat sterilization of medical equipments, chemicals, swabs, glassware, and media. This autoclave is fabricated using high grade stainless steel having double walled construction. It is provided with a manually operated lid lock with pressure adjusting nozzle and reading meter. This Vertical Autoclave is most commonly utilized in hospitals, research centers, laboratories, and food & beverage units.
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  4. UV Sterilization Cabinet (Industrial Type)

    Inner & Outer Both Mild Steel Powder Coating 1no. UV light 1 no. Fluorescence Light Inner Chamber Size : 20x20x12 inch
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  5. Conductivity Meter

    Conductivity Meter works by reading the drop in voltage when its probe is immersed in the testing solution. It also has the ability to measure TDS, salinity, conductivity, temperature & resistivity of the sample. This meter is manufactured with the use of top notch quality components and cutting edge techniques. Known for its exceptional durability and automatic calibration attributes, the offered Conductivity Meter is used to measure pH value & conductivity and total dissolved amount of solids in liquid.
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  6. Photocolori Meter

    400-700 nm, 8 filter, Resolution 0.01 Abs, 0.1%T, Detector Silicon photodiode CODE Description A Digital B Automatic Optional CODE Description 1 Standard glass filter 2 Selenium photo cell 3 Test tube set of 5 4 Spare lamp 6V 300 ma
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  7. Blood Roller Mixer

    Blood Roller Mixer is mainly used for the accurate blending and mixing of the blood, powder reagents etc. It is used specially in the laboratories for slightly and perfect mixing of blood. A high grade quality material and latest technology is used in manufacturing this mixer. It is a shake-less and gentle mixing process that makes blood homogeneous. The offered Blood Roller Mixer is available at economical market price.
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  8. TDS Meter

    TDS Meter is widely utilized to monitor the amount of nutrients, salts and impurities from water. It is manufactured with the use of top notch quality components and cutting edge techniques. It accurately measure pH value & conductivity and total dissolved amount of solids in liquid. Known for its high efficiency, excellent performance and safe power consumption, the offered TDS Meter can be bought by our valued patrons at reasonable prices.
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  9. UV Cabinet

    We are instrumental in providing and supplying to our valuable customers excellent quality UV Cabinet Code UVC. Manufactured using high grade raw material, it is designed and developed employing advanced technologies. It is commonly liked by our consumers which are located all round the nation. Our offered range of UV Cabinet Code UVC is available in various specifications to meet the clients specific requirements.
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  10. Air Shower

    Material Handling Air Shower are -auto Controlled interlocking systems for entrance, such that the entry and exit doors are electronically interlocked and photoelectric sensor suited self- contained units, installed at the entrance of a clean room and other controlled environment chambers for minimizing the entry of dust particles and other particulate matters into the working area. Its principle of operation is the impulsion of jets of Hepa - filtered air at high speed on the person or material to be cleaned to produce the separation of the particles deposited on its surface. The contaminated air is again filtered and re- circulated. With-in seconds, the person entering into air shower comes out entirely cleans i.e. free from harmful dust . In any case, it is important to highlight that the most convenient to achieve maximum effectiveness is an enclosure for individual use in which the useful space must not exceed 80 – 90 cm
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  11. Rotary Shaker

    Rotary Shaker/Bottle Shaker is a bench top orbital shaker designed
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  12. Inoculation Chamber

    SIZE OF THE MACHINE:- CODE Size(INCH)A 40x24x22 B 22x20x16 Optional Accessories:- Microprocessor based PID Controller – UV ON-OFF, UV-Timer, and Display of UV Age.Internal rack for storage.
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  13. IVF Workstation

    Filtration Assembly: - Room air is drawn from the top of the cabinet through a Pre- Filter, then the air pass through HEPA Filter and spread evenly in the working area providing a constant a stream of clean air flow within the work area.Prefilter is made from Non-Woven Synthetic with HDPE mesh and Al expanded mesh on air leaving side; conforms to EU – 4 / G-4 Grade, with the efficiency of down to 10 microns. These filters can be cleaned by compressed air & also washable.HEPA Filter is Mini pleat type, made from water-resistant, fire retardant, imported micro-fine glass fiber media; conforms to EU – 14 Grade, with an efficiency rating better than 99.999% for 0.3 μ. These filters are designed to accommodate higher air flow volume.Perforated diffuser screen /shield mesh guard protect Filters from damage.Pressure manometer to track filter pressure & air/gas cock inside the working area Easy removable back/front panel for easy access to electrical fittings and easy removable filter placement for ease of access during service.
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  14. Magnetic Stirrer with Hot Plate

    A standard piece of laboratory equipment, the hot plate stirrer / hot plate magnetic stirrer keeps liquids circulating as they are heated for a faster, more even reaction
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  15. Biosafety Cabinet A2 Covid (19)

    Biosafety Cabinet is used to perform work on the material contaminated with the pathogen. It is manufactured using stainless steel for easy cleaning and maintenance and excellent powder coating finish helps to prevent microbial or bacterial growth. It has been designed and manufactured in compliance with international quality standards and known to deliver effective performance. Customers can easily grabbed this Biosafety Cabinet from market at pocket friendly prices.
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  16. Biosafety Cabinet - B2 Covid (19)

    Ambient air is taken through HEPA - filter at the top of the cabinet and passes through down flow HEPA Filter and enter working zone as laminar flow, the uniform non turbulent air stream protects against cross contamination within & throughout the work area. Near the work surface area splits in two, one move towards the front grille and another towards back rear grille. Ambient air is also taken via front grille but doesn’t mix with the clean air within the work zone. A combination of inflow and down flow air streams forms an air barrier that prevents contaminated room air entering work zone and enters common air plenum and then exhaust by dedicated ducting system , 100% air exhaust Exhaust air pass through HEPA Filter & Virus burn unit ,Exhaust ducting with L- Bent PVC pipe supplied with the machine
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  17. Soxhlet Apparatus

    A. 3 mantle 500 watts B.6 mantles 750 watts Optional:- CODE Description 1. Digital temperature controller 2. Microprocessor based PID Controller 3. Mercury contact thermometer with relay , accuracy better than 1°C 4. Glass part – 3 units 5. Glass part – 6 units 6. Sunvic energy regulator
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